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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Tropa of the Holocaust
Last login:16 August 2020, 8:05 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 260.249 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 28%
Tasks: 00%

18 May 2020, 10:58 Killed at level 540 by Comandosp, Piconildo Is Back, Snover, Kryou and by Asgard.
17 May 2020, 10:38 Killed at level 539 by Biah Gross, , Kiilmes, Snover and by Yollos.
17 May 2020, 09:45 Killed at level 540 by Kiilmes, , Biah Gross, Alemaozerah, Bruno Unforgivable, Mc Cabelinho, Ironman Powerzyk and by dragon lord.
13 May 2020, 08:55 Died at level 536 by lost soul, a blightwalker, a betrayed wraith, a demon, a banshee and by dark torturer.
10 May 2020, 19:19 Died at level 533 by old magician, Fearless Knox, Cannibal Corps, Mineiirovisk, Oliver Kina, Pallyzeen, Palyeu, a hellhound, a juggernaut, Vodka Full, a Nefilim, a hand of cursed fate, a orc shaman, a orc shaman, a demon and by undead dragon.
9 May 2020, 20:20 Died at level 531 by western princess, Fearless Knox, a undead dragon, old magician, Black Rock and by hand of cursed fate.
9 May 2020, 18:52 Died at level 532 by western undead, Mineiirovisk, Vanhellsing, Bruxo Ed, Awkelr, Sete Belo, Pallyzeen, Nienasycony, Arqueiro Brabo, a western princess, Bad Day and by Cannibal Corps.
9 May 2020, 10:04 Killed at level 532 by Isero, Ferumbras, Maykera and by demon.
8 May 2020, 20:23 Died at level 532 by fury, an infernalist, a dragon lord and by fire elemental.
8 May 2020, 20:07 Died at level 532 by fury, an infernalist, a fire elemental and by dragon lord.

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Account Information
Real Name:Cley Teodoro
Location:Dores do Indaia
Created:29 September 2017, 7:13 am
Vip Status:VIP Account

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