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Character Information
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:Pyre 40 (Pyre) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Member of the Broonkz
Last login:27 November 2020, 11:22 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 28%
Tasks: 02%

27 Nov 2020, 00:03 Killed at level 578 by El Carrerinha, Ribamar, Gand, Otiilowoiac, Umcincosete, Mendigaodethais, Felipao Playhard, Thomaz Shelby, Lester, Kyros Mage, Vltao Crazy, Gordinho Fulltank, Aylla and by Quentine.
24 Nov 2020, 00:02 Killed at level 578 by Scroll Lock, Gordinho Fulltank, Rick Tanka Easy, Miraveti, Felipao Playhard, Bloody Archer, Queen Leticia, Fokkzz, Insanity Mage and by Atiter.
23 Nov 2020, 18:29 Died at level 578 by undead dragon, a juggernaut, a ghastly dragon and by hellhound.
23 Nov 2020, 00:25 Killed at level 578 by Tocomendo Ticole, Otiilowoiac, Pharamox, Magezin Upador, Thomaz Shelby, Transfer Free, Agressive Insane, Sook Dumal, Dark Rage and by Lester.
23 Nov 2020, 00:09 Killed at level 579 by Magezin Upador, King Dedezin, Tocomendo Ticole, Colleman, Yu Ri, Lester, Vitoria Unknown, Transfer Free, Otiilowoiac and by Pharamox.
23 Nov 2020, 00:03 Killed at level 580 by Yasmin Asbola, Tocomendo Ticole, Otiilowoiac, Lester, Vitoria Unknown, Yu Ri, Cannibal Corps, Transfer Free, Dionee, Incredible Jubikes, Pharamox, Colleman, Agressive Insane, Ribamar, Kyros Mage, King Dedezin, Qui Hudhex, Psiiuu, Thomaz Shelby, Kendo Jogadez and by Inpllaz.
22 Nov 2020, 23:23 Killed at level 580 by Vitoria Unknown, Otiilowoiac, Lester, Yu Ri, Incredible Jubikes, Vltao Crazy, Neoo The Power, Qui Hudhex, Inpllaz, Agressive Insane, Incredible Ericck, Magezin Upador, Kyros Mage, Cannibal Corps, Psiiuu, Kendo Jogadez, Buszk, Miraveti, Yasmin Asbola, Sook Dumal and by Quentine.
22 Nov 2020, 22:37 Killed at level 581 by Thomaz Shelby, Beer, Magezin Upador, Lester, Vitoria Unknown and by Astaroth.
22 Nov 2020, 22:29 Killed at level 581 by Thomaz Shelby, Agressive Insane, Thiaguera Ek, Ribamar, Kyros Mage, Otiilowoiac, Beer, Astaroth, Ticoo, Wardevil, Quentine, Mayke Rushzin, a frost dragon hatchling and by frost dragon.
22 Nov 2020, 18:27 Killed at level 582 by Dakituconelwo, Dotsacer, Transfer Free, Fokkzz, Astaroth, Bullako, Well Immortal, Sarah Sulyver, Rick Tanka Easy, Demix Master, King Leandro, Quentine, Aylla and by Mr Monstrinho.

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Experience History
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-9.637.831 (experience total)
+30.369 (experience total)
+7.410.285 (experience total)
-9.603.109 (experience total)
-29.276.920 (experience total)
-38.862.256 (experience total)

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